About us

About Us

The story of the area, where today’s Youth Hostel Proteus stands, goes a long way in to the history of Postojna tourism. Once, on the same foundation stood the famous Grand hotel Adelsberg, one of the most stylish and prestigious hotels of its time. Through the entire area it has been setting highest standards and introducing new ways of marketing.

Grand Hotel Adelsberg have been popular destination for many international guests and even for that time ruling European aristocracy. Swedish King and the Duke of Edinburgh where regular visitors of this beautiful location. As hotel considered highly luxurious the restaurant followed its popularity and glamour. It stood out as one of the most recognized in the whole Carniola region.

A special place had its French cuisine for which the ingredients where coming mainly from the hotel gardens and stables.

The operation of the hotel was significantly affected by the First World War, which truly ended the successful story of tourism.

Hotel became the seat of the Isonzo Front (Soška fronta) Command, led by Marshal Svetozar Borojević von Bojno, the Supreme Commander of the Austro-Hungarian troops on the Isonzo front.

After the war in 1918 the hotel was sold to Trieste merchant who sold it in 1924 to Duke Windischgraetz. Family owned the building until the nationalization after World War II.

In 1959 building becomes a boarding school and in 1980 government decided to demolish it and builds up a current building.

Today Youth Hostel Proteus writes a new history. In 2013, the building has been renovated throughout. The young and creative architects of Svet Vmes Company whose challenge is among others transforming the intermediate spaces, received a prestigious award for the interior of year 2013 for renovation of the Hostel lobby. They believe that such well thoughtfully created ambient promote feelings of spatial sensitivity and providing a unique environment.

Thus the idea as the equipment was made in Slovenia and was taken by Slovenian artists, craftsmen as well as pupils of SGLŠ Scholl Postojna of which Youth Hostel Proteus is part of.